£350m shopping centre deal helps to keep Bovis on top, but Laing continues to dominate yearly table.
Bovis was top of the pops for the second month in a row in November, winning £442m worth of work.

Its big win was the construction management contract to build the £350m White City shopping centre in London for developers Stanhope and Chelsfield.

Two strong months have catapulted the firm into second place for work won in the past year, just behind Laing and well clear of Anglo-Dutch firm HBG.

Laing was second for work won in November, mostly thanks to a £300m contract to build the New Market Square shopping centre in Basingstoke for Grosvenor Estates.

Supermarket colossus J Sainsbury led the client league, having spent £309.9m on construction in the 12 months to the end of November.

Architect Lyons Sleeman & Hoare shot to the top of the architects' league with nine contracts worth a total of £364.3m.