Global arm of standards outfit to consult on assessing products by lifecycle analysis, biodiversity and labour practice in manufacturing process

BRE Global is creating a new standard for sustainability in construction products. Among other factors, products will be rated on their contribution to global warming emissions.

The Responsible Sourcing Framework Standard will assess products by looking at responsible sourcing and product stewardship, addressing the social, economic and environmental impacts of construction products over their whole life as well as rating them based on other criteria including

  • minimising raw material usage
  • labour practice
  • biodiversity
  • social dimensions and impacts

Existing quality, environmental, health and safety management systems will all be examined. The third party approvals body has opened the scheme for consultation until May 2nd. The BRE intends the standard to provide a ‘level playing field’ for industry.

BREEAM has included a responsible sourcing credit since 2006.