Landscape architects are invited to submit sustainable designs for a new area of the park at BRE's HQ

BRE has launched a design competition to create the landscape for the next phase of its Innovation Park near Watford.

The British Homes Awards, in partnership with BRE and The Landscape Institute, are inviting submissions from landscape architects for a new area of the park which will be occupied by innovative and sustainable buildings, including homes sponsored by the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment and the National Non-Food Crops Centre.

The aim of the competition is to highlight the importance of landscape in creating sustainable communities.

BRE's Director of Enterprise & Innovation, Jaya Skandamoorthy says: “In the past landscape was sometimes seen as a cosmetic part of a development. But in recent years its contribution to building sustainable developments is now increasingly recognised, indeed it is impossible to reach Code Level 5 or 6 of the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes without considering the landscape design”.

The competition is open to members of the Landscape Institute and Landscape Institute Registered Practices. Expressions of interest must be registered by 12th November. For full brief go to the BRE Innovation Park web site. The Landscape Institute's Paul Lincoln can be emailed at

Paul Lincoln, director of the Landscape Initiative