Lib Dem candidate for mayor of London pledges to make buildings and travel networks sustainable

Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat candidate for the mayor of London, placed the environment at the heart of his proposals for London today, with a promise to transform buildings and travel networks within the city.

Brian Paddick, Lib Dem candidate for London mayor

In a bid to woo the capital’s green vote, Paddick announced all new developments would be self-sustaining, with developers receiving permission to refurbish buildings under the guarantee that they would be more energy efficient. In addition, he pledged to make composting and recycling facilities available on housing estates.

In the launch of the Liberal Democrats “Contract with London” manifesto, Paddick called for more affordable rented housing, and revealed plans to negotiate the release of surplus public sector land to form community land trusts that could provide long-term, low-rent housing. He also promised to turn the capital’s 83,580 empty properties into sustainable homes, at affordable rents.

Green travel was also at the forefront of Paddick’s proposed plans for the capital. He pledged to “get London moving within three months”, with a cross river tram project running from Camden to Brixton and Peckham, and an extension to Streatham High Road and eventually the Croydon tramlink, in his second term.

Ultra-light trams would run from Oxford Street to Stratford, and from Waterloo to Deptford. The manifesto also targeted the tube and buses, with the promise of security guards for tubes running after 9pm, and a possibility of replacing bendy buses with an ultra-light railway.

Paddick proposed transforming Farringdon station into an air terminal for Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick, with bags being checked in prior to boarding Crossrail and Thameslink. More cycle lanes were promised, with cyclists given priority at junctions, as well as a Parisian style bike hire scheme, with 1000 bikes and car hire clubs in each area.