Our new blogger Brian Green specialises in digging behind the story presented by the statisticians, and today he picks apart the construction output figures

Building’s website is now offering a new blog called Brickonomics, which demystifies the latest industry statistics and analyses the long-term trends in construction, housing and property.

Brian Green, Brickonomics blogger

Today our new blogger Brian Green, a journalist and commentator who has tracked trends in the sector for more than 20 years, has posted his analysis of the Office of National Statistics construction output figures.

In today’s blog he finds that by pulling apart the statisticians figures the headline figure of a 2% overall increase in output masks some worry underlying trends.

For just under two years his blog has charted the downturn and then the recession on the website of Contract Journal, which closed last month.

But happily Bricknomics is not coming to an end along with CJ. For loyal followers of Brickonomics and for readers who are new to it, you will now find Brian’s most up-to-date blogs, as well as archived material that is often illustrated with useful graphs, on Building’s website.