Manufacturer Ibstock is extending its traditional range of bricks, which is designed to offer a wide choice of sizes, colours and textures for most refurbishment projects

Ibstock’s traditional range has been manufactured to match bricks produced before metric sizes came into production and the range includes 50mm, 68mm, 73mm and 80mm sizes. The bricks are produced using clays from a vast geographical spread in order to meet local builders’ needs, as well as the local vernacular.

The 68mm traditional range has been designed for the South-east vernacular and is available a selection of colours. The 73mm range suits the needs of the North and Midlands and is available in a range of reds, buffs, blues, greys and browns. The 80mm range of red bricks has been produced for the North-west. All bricks are locally produced, to deliver a reduced carbon footprint.