Construction workers top list of lottery winning professions, with more than £1bn-worth of prize cash

One might have thought that construction was not the most financially secure industry, particularly in the current economic climate, but when it comes to the lottery, it seems builders have all the luck.

Construction workers have so far accrued more than £1 billion in windfalls, topping the National Lottery Lucky Professions List of the most "fortunate" trades.

The most recent EuroMillions winning ticket in Britain belonged to a family of builders - the Sturts, from Dorking in Surrey - who scooped more than £26.1 million when they hit the jackpot last month.

Figures compiled by Camelot, showed administrators and secretaries came second in the lucky professions league, banking more than their bosses. Meanwhile management and manufacturing came in at third and fourth place respectively, with the financial sector lagged behind, in eighth position.

The figures are based on all lottery prize winners who have enjoyed wins of £50,000 or more.

They were released to celebrate Friday's £85 million EuroMillions Mega Draw when a new British record could be set. If the estimated jackpot is won by a single ticket-holder, it will be the biggest lottery prize ever paid out in the UK, the National Lottery said.

The top 10 lottery-winning professions in order are: construction work, administration, management, manufacturing, driving, catering industry, retail, financial sector, care/social work, medical.