A prefabricated housing system concept which involves the use of steel containers that can be stacked 16 storeys high has been unveiled by a consortium including structural engineer Buro Happold.
Blocks of the container homes, possibly shipped in from the Far East, could be assembled on temporary sites, enabling affordable homes to be built rapidly and cheaply. The concept is being promoted to help solve Britain's housing crisis.

The consortium is headed by developer Urban Settings and includes architect Burland TM and Bournemouth contractor George & Harding.

The consortium estimates that a fully fitted home for a single person could be built for £28,000 using this method of prefabrication.

Buro Happold director Rod MacDonald said: "In the past, most modular housing projects have adapted existing systems. We are designing a bespoke system that will take full advantage of production-line systems.

"We are in discussion with a number of container manufacturers in the Far East. And we are talking to the G15 group of major British housing associations about setting up a prototype project."