Watchdog's first guidance on primaries will provide 10 key ideas for well-designed schools

Cabe will publish a set of design guidelines for primary schools later this year, the architectural review body confirmed at education construction conference BSEC.

Peter Maxwell, Cabe's head of enabling for public buildings, said that the body would issue a set of 10 “key ideas” for well-designed primary schools.

Cabe has so far published design standards only for the secondary school sector.

Southwark Primary School, Nottingham
Southwark primary school in Nottingham, which is undergoing a £13m rebuild. An increased focus on refurbishment projects is expected after the general election

The new publication, to be called “Creating Excellent Primary Schools”, is due to be launched in December.

It will include examples of recently completed refurbished and small build projects, both of which areas are expected to account for an increased share of education projects after the general election.