Housebuilder Cala is to become the first UK housebuilder to fully adopt an e-business system, according to software provider BuildEurope.
Cala's north Thames division is to use BuildEurope's system, which provides scheduling, procurement and site management tools for housebuilders.

The firm is using the IT solution on a site in Baldock, Hertfordshire, on which 21 houses are being built. The firm's south Thames division is using the system's scheduling function at a site in Ascot.

Alan Donoghue, Cala's group IT director, said it was a core strategy of the company to take advantage of the time and cost savings offered by e-business.

He said: "BuildEurope is leading the way, which is why we have signed up with them."

Cala is to use the system across all of its regions over the coming year.

Other builders working with BuildEurope include Linden and Fairview. A Housing Forum demonstration project in conjunction with Countryside and BuildEurope is to start in January.