Manresa Developments is being sued after work on roof terrace caused flooding to another property

Manresa Developments, in which Candy & Candy has a minority stake, is being sued over flooding at a penthouse in Chelsea, along with Michael Platt the owner and occupier of the property.

Manresa Developments was the developer of Manresa Road, a scheme to rebuild a Chelsea terrace and provide 15 luxury apartments. The company is majority owned by a developer by the name of Julian Simmonds.

Now Taunton Nominees, which owns one of the apartments, claims its property has been flooded by rainwater from the penthouse.

Taunton Nominees says apartment number 1 has been flooded on numerous occasions, and that work on the penthouse roof terrace was negligent and not carried out in a good and workmanlike manner, and amounts to a nuisance.

Major floods from the penthouse terrace took place in March 2008 but repairs were not completed for two years, according to a High Court writ.

Built in joinery in the first floor study was damaged by water, which also stained external stone cladding over windows and steel fixing pins, and damaged the ceiling, walls and column in the bar area, the writ says.

There was another flood in September 2008, and weeks later, more water damage to the drawing room ceiling, and specialist decorative finishes, and possible damage behind library units, and the risk of discolouration of the specialist stone floor, the writ claims.

Redecoration and repair after the first leak cost more than £88,000, including legal fees. Another £308,775 is needed for repairs for subsequent leaks, this does not include the cost of specialist decorations, professional and legal fees, and the costs of moving, storing and returning art and furniture, and alternative accommodation during repairs.

Candy & Candy did not have an involvement in the design of Manresa Road.