Firm to bear marque of Morrisroe

Demolition contractor Cantillon has changed its name to Morrisroe Demolition.

Morrisroe bought Cantillon three years ago for an undisclosed sum and has kept the Cantillon name since.

But documents filed at Companies House show the firm has now ditched the Cantillon name.


Cantillon has been going since the 1960s

Cantillon was set up in the 1960s but earlier this year was one of 10 firms fined a total of £60m by the Competition and Markets Authority for its role in the bid-rigging scandal that hit the demolition sector.

Cantillon founder Michael Cantillon was also banned for seven years and six months for his role in the affair.

Paul Cluskey, who had been managing director of Cantillon since the end of 2014, was banned from being a company director for four and a half years by the Competition and Markets Authority in March but appealed the decision. As a result, he will keep his position but will step down as managing director.

As well as bid-rigging, Cantillon was one of five firms found guilty of making and receiving “compensation payments” under which, the CMA said, “the designated ‘losers’ of the contracts were set to be compensated by the winner”.

In a statement, Morrisroe said the move was “an important step in our ongoing integration following strategic acquisitions made in recent years.

“To support the culture shift we are making internally to working ‘as one’, we are rebranding Cantillon and A J Morrisroe, so that Cantillon Demolition Limited will move forward as Morrisroe Demolition and AJ Morrisroe Limited will trade as Morrisroe. Our rebrand will also present a clearer message to our market about who we are and the services we deliver.”