Consultant needs £1.3m to remedy defects inherited from Mowlem at troubled Bath Spa.

Contractor Capita Symonds says it will need an extra £1.3m to correct the catalogue of problems that it has uncovered at the Bath Spa project since taking over from Mowlem.

In its assessment of the building it has found a list of faults, including: galvanised steel being used where stainless steel was needed; vandalised and defective panels in the Glass Wall surround; sub-standard internal fire doors; faulty electrics; peeling paint; extensive leaks in the floors and a crack in the basement.

Mowlem was thrown off the project after a public row with Bath and North Somerset Council. The scheme is already three years behind schedule, and likely to cost almost three times its original £13m budget. It is now due to be opened in April 2006, a deadline which Capita says it is confident it will meet, despite the extra work that needs to be done.

Councillor Nicola O'Flaherty, executive member for Tourism, Leisure and Culture said: "My first reaction was a mixture of concern and disappointment. However, I am assured by our contractors and officers that the implications of this list of works will have little or no bearing on the opening date of the project. These faults will be the subject of claims against those responsible."

Referring to the work that was being carried out before the assessment was complete, Capita Symonds' executive director Jonathan Goring said: "Our consultants have been securing the services of a range of specialist contractors to complete the works. We are pleased to report that many of the jobs have been progressed or completed."

In addition to rectifying the new faults, Capita Symonds says it will also be changing the water treatment system for the Spa from one that uses ozone to a UV system, at the request of the council.