Construction projects to accommodate new 12-car train fleet

Carillion has been picked to provide additional construction work on the Thameslink project worth some £120m following its role in the route-upgrade.

Network Rail selected the firm to provide depot and stabling-site improvements to allow the introduction of its new 12-car fleet on the route via its multi-asset framework arrangement contract.

Carillion chief executive Richard Howson said the firm’s selection reflected the successful delivery of work to support Network Rail in upgrading the Thameslink route for 12-car trains. 

“We will continue to work closely with Network Rail and the train operators to maximise value for money in delivering this important new phase of the Thameslink project,” he said.

The upgrade from eight-car to 12-car trains on the line from Bedford to Brighton has required the lengthening of platforms at 14 stations along the route, including major upgrade work at Farrringdon.