Carillion is the most environmentally friendly contractor, according to a survey published this week.
The sixth Index of Corporate Environmental Engagement, published by research group Business in the Environment, placed Carillion ninth in an industry sector league table of environmentally friendly firms. It is the first time that Carillion has entered the index.

Materials group Blue Circle was the industry’s highest-ranking firm, rising from second position last year. Other firms that did well in the survey included Laing and Berkeley, which both increased their ranking by 21% from last year’s figures.

Jarvis, Wates and Balfour Beatty were new entries to the league.

Business in the Environment chairman Derek Higgs said: “This year’s index is a benchmark.

It is a snapshot of what is happening in global corporations in terms of environmental performance.”

He said scoring companies on whether or not their performance is improving is a further check on the value of the index to investors as well as to environmental bodies.

The survey also highlighted that construction and building materials was a sector that had a high number of non-participants. Nine firms failed to comply with the survey.

The index measures companies and sectors on criteria such as energy use, transport, waste and water consumption.