George Bates believes a poor rating on a customer satisfaction survey led to a vengeful attack by a member of staff

A carpenter’s bank account in Abbey Bank was sabotaged after he gave a call centre worker in India a poor rating, it was claimed today.

Mr George Bates, 23, tried to extend his overdraft but was rejected by the call centre worker because he had just raised his limit. He said the worker was “arrogant and rude” and gave him a low score on the post call customer satisfaction survey.

The following day, Mr Bates found that he was locked out of his account, his debit card was swallowed by the cash machine and his overdraft facility had been withdrawn. He also discovered that he was down on the bank’s records as an Ugandan divorcee.

Mr Bates remains convinced that his account was sabotaged by the worker. He said: “His spiteful actions have caused me a massive inconvenience and I’ve changed banks because I’m scared he could still access my account.”

The Abbey agreed to pay penalty charges and offered £200 compensation, which was refused by Mr Bates.