Chinese Ambassador believes China is perfectly placed to build UK’s next high speed rail link

China’s knowledge and expertise in the high speed rail sector makes them ideally placed to build HS2 according to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Liu Xiamong said Chinese companies would bid for major projects in this country once barriers to investment are relaxed.  

He said: “We really need to identify flagship projects and high-speed rail might be one of them.”

“There’s a lot of talk about getting more Chinese investment but we need more action.”

China has invested heavily in its high speed rail network, which currently exceeds 10,000km and is expected to exceed 16,000km by 2020.

The Ambassador’s comments come ahead of a three day visit to the UK by the Chinese Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao.   

An inquiry into the economic case for HS2 is ongoing with the Transport Secretary Philip Hammond due to make a decision on the project later this year.

If approved, the £34bn line will connect London, the Midlands and the North.