In the heart of London's art scene a building site - illuminated with fluorescent colours - is stopping Christmas shoppers in their tracks

Construction, often seen as a mucky business, is rarely the inspiration for artistic endeavour. That is until “The neon concrete mixer” on display at London's South Bank Centre this Christmas.

The installation, by artist David Batchelor, transforms a “building site” - pallets, bins and cement mixers - from mundane building tools into glowing forms by outlining them with fluorescent coloured strip lighting.

Situated on the west side of the Royal Fesitval Hall, the illuminated objects form part of the South Bank's annual alternative Christmas lights.

Batchelor says: “I like to create temporary projects in public spaces, inserting something that will only be there for a few days or weeks, but will alter the experience of the space during that time.

"I’ve always thought that the Royal Festival Hall is one of London’s greatest buildings, so it’s great to have this opportunity to work here.”