Without regulation waste plans would only be adopted by ethical firms, warns CIOB

The CIOB has called for a Site Waste Management Plan to be implemented on all major construction projects.

All projects involving more than 30 days or 500 person days of construction should have to plan and implement a SWMP said a CIOB spokesperson.

CIOB deputy chief Michael Brown said “As an industry we can’t just rely on construction companies with an ethical approach to the environment to take up the slack for those that show little concern for the use and misuse of our resources."

Brown said that without more regulatory 'teeth' SWMPs would only be used by larger operators.

The CIOB said that the government should also consider using incentives to promote waste reduction, in addition to existing inspection and enforcement of regulatory checks.

Mr Brown was upfront about the financial realities of the plan. “If SWMPs are made mandatory they may result in some additional cost, but given a level playing field this should not affect the competitiveness of the company.

"There will be opportunities for cost savings in terms of recycling and reuse that would help offset any costs incurred.”

The government is currently consultatng with industry on SMWPs.