Institute wades in to debate over whether anti-corruption measures would unfairly punish British business

The Chartered Institute of Building has warned the government not to “dilute” the Bribery Act after it delayed implementation having received criticism from business groups.

The institute’s call is in contrast to the CBI, who claimed the act was unworkable and could harm British business.

The UK contractors group has also said it is concerned that the Act could punish firms for ’facilitation’ payments abroad that could be classed as bribery.

Michael Brown, deputy chief executive of the CIOB, said: “The Act is paramount for UK industry to maintain its reputation globally and to continue to set the highest benchmark of professionalism.

“Getting the balance right between those high standards and legislation which doesn’t put UK business at a serious disadvantage is crucial.

“Bribery has no place in construction and actually takes money out of the industry.

“For any organisation not already in the mindset we strongly advise they formally develop an anti-bribery and corruption culture led by the boardroom, with senior staff responsible and accountable,” he said.