Apollo, Wates and Vinci win contract for decent homes and maintenance work in Merton

Housing association Circle Anglia has awarded a £200m contract to Apollo, Wates and Vinci for its decent homes and maintenance work in the London Borough of Merton.

Apollo Group will be carrying out work on 2,137 homes in the Mitcham/Pollards Hill area, with Wates Living Space covering 2,257 homes in the Phipps Bridge/St Helier/Reyensbury area and VINCI Facilities covering 1,928 homes in Wimbledon, Lower Morden and Raynes Park.

The contract, for Circle Anglia’s Merton Priory Homes, covers kitchen and bathroom replacements, roofing works, and window, door, fence and gate replacements.

Simon Lacey, regional director at Apollo, said: “We could not be more pleased that we will be working with Merton Priory Homes, as our standards and principles match theirs so well. 

Cliff Parsons, business director for Wates Living Space said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Merton Priory Homes not just to deliver their home improvement programme but to bring community benefits, investing in local people and local businesses”

Barry Boxall, director for Vinci Facilities, commented: “We are confident that the team approach of Vinci Facilities, Wates Living Spaces and the Apollo Group will not only deliver a successful programme of works across the borough but will also offer local investment through training and employment opportunities that will really make a difference to the local community.”