Construction industry training body will retain its levy raising powers

CITB-Construction Skills has retained its public sector status and levy raising powers, Building understands.

The construction industry training body is set to announce later today the outcome of the government’s review of the quango.

A CITB-Construction Skills source said the government “has recognised the levy as an important way of ensuring employers invest in skills and training, and we can continue to collect it as long as industry continues to support the levy system.”

The majority of the quango’s funding is raised through a levy on construction companies, which is enforced by statute.

CITB insiders had feared the body might lose its public sector status and its ability to raise the levy.

In 2009 CITB raised £186m from the levy; it also received £20.4m in government grant, and made £110m from commercial activities.

More detail about the government’s plans for the body are expected later this afternoon.