Abu Dhabi's international real estate conference is having a quiet first day in part due to many Europeans being unable to attend

In line with current market sentiment, the first day of the conference has been a more subdued affair than previous years, predominantly due to the current liquidity crisis but impacted also by the recent air travel ban from Europe.

It is clear, however, that individuals here are focused on the future and the positive development of Abu Dhabi.

The Urban Planning Council exhibition appears to be the showcase of the conference demonstrating the rulers of Abu Dhabi’s intentions to proceed with their ambitious plans - the message of the conference is one of continued commitment to the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision.

The challenge remains for developers and government authorities to achieve certainty of outcome and security of investment prior to commitment to lenders or investors, and it is apparent there is recognition for a properly planned and sustainable approach to development, to ensure business needs are delivered.