Able Construction alleges breach of contract by David Uhlar

A contractor has launched a £142,000 legal battle after accusing an architect of breach of contract.

Hounslow-based Able Construction is suing David Uhlar, trading as Robin Ashley Architects, for damages, and for repayment of more than £10,000 allegedly overpaid.

According to a High Court writ, Able engaged Uhlar to provide designs and drawings for a project at Carline Road, Lincoln, in March 2007, paying him nearly £25,000.

But the company later found he had been overpaid by more than £10,000, while reviewing payments, the writ said.

Uhlar, from Sheffield, was appointed architect for Able's timber carriage project at South Harrow for a fee of nearly £50,000. However, a dispute arose in July last year, and Uhlar reportedly ended his contract with the company.

Able has accused him of breaching his professional duties, by allying himself with another company - Padda Construction - to carry out the timber carriage project and unlawfully terminate Able's involvement, the writ claims.

It is also alleged that Uhlar struck a secret deal with a man who was working to undermine Able's interest in the project, playing an active role in diverting a survey company, initially instructed by Able, to forward its report to Padda Construction instead.

Work on the timber carriage was consequently disrupted for three months. Able's relationship with its employer soured, and was terminated when the employer refused to pay over £131,000 which had fallen due.

Able was reportedly able to later negotiate a new contract with the employer, but lost £70,000 on the transaction, the writ says.

Able is valuing its losses at over £131,000 and is demanding this alongside the over payment from Uhlar, plus interest.