NFB survey of SMEs, larger contractors and clients highlights problems


Contractors and clients are lagging in their adoption of building information modelling (BIM), a new survey by the National Federation of Builders (NFB) has found.

The NFB – which represents SME contractors – surveyed its members, larger contractors and clients earlier this year.

The NFB said its key findings were –

  • There is not a great deal of difference between the contracting sector and the client sector in terms of readiness or current use of BIM.
  • Over half of clients reported that they expected potential businesses that they contract with to have BIM as a core competency. Many, however, highlighted a need for themselves to understand BIM before they could expect potential contractors to have the competency. Both sectors perceive the potential benefits of BIM.
  • The overwhelming majority of clients responding to the survey said that they had not yet asked about BIM experience in PQQ or ITT when procuring suppliers.
  • When asked when they planned to adopt BIM processes on their projects, 30% were looking at the next three months; 40% within six months and almost 50% in the coming year. Overall, the majority (62%) would be adopting BIM within 2 years.