West London health trust issues tender

Contractors have been invited to bid for the £150m job to rebuild the notorious Broadmoor mental health facility.

Plans for the 16-ward, 234-bed redevelopment, which got outline permission from the Department of Health last week, are being brought forward by West London Mental Health Trust.

The Trust issued a design and execution Ojeu tender today for the main construction, demolition, design and engineering works for the job, which it said would be worth somewhere in the region of £150m.

The tender said the six-year contract will involve the construction of 34,000 sq m of buildings adjacent to the current Broadmoor hospital site. It said the winning contractor may be required to demolish certain parts of the existing Broadmoor hospital and undertake refurbishment works.

The Trust added: “The high profile development aims to utilise leading edge technology and best practice and to be regarded as a centre of clinical excellence. The Trust will be looking for an economic operator who can provide construction work demonstrating their own excellence through their innovative approach to construction solutions, coupled with their knowledge and understanding of security measures and protocols within this unique NHS environment.”

Winning approval from the DoH last week, Nigel McCorkell, chairman of the Trust, said: “The redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital is long overdue. The buildings have seen very little change over the years whereas psychiatric treatments have radically progressed.

“If Hospital staff are to continue caring for men with severe mental illnesses and reduce the risk they pose to themselves and the public, the Trust must provide treatment in a modern, safe and secure environment which supports the outstanding clinical and therapeutic care our staff are able to offer patients today.”

Pre-qualification questionnaires are to be completed by August 22.