Daikin has launched the Ururu Multi, a heat pump for supplying heating, cooling, ventilation and humidification to residential and light commercial buildings

The system supplies purified air into one or two rooms via indoor units, each fitted with a Daikin “two area” intelligent eye controller that detects the presence of room personnel and directs the air flow towards an unoccupied area, while its ”comfort air flow” mode avoids draughts by adjusting the air flow direction downwards during heating and upwards during cooling.

Ururu Multi also extracts moisture from the outdoor air using a built-in element on the outdoor unit and transfers it to the indoor unit where it is mixed with the supply air and purified with the help of a titanium apatite photo catalytic filter. Users benefit from the resultant provision of fresh, purified and humidified air flow, which the company says enhances comfort.

The outdoor unit supports one or two wall-mounted indoor fan coil units and can be located at roof level, on a terrace or against an outside wall.

The individually controlled indoor units, which can be installed in separate rooms and include features such as standard remote controllers fitted with a seven-day time-clock to allow different settings for each day of the week. Also, a “powerful” mode ensures rapid heating or cooling and an “econo” mode limits power consumption.

Daikin Europe