Sustainability Now webinar offer detailed analysis on budgeting to hit different levels of the Code. Download presentations here or listen to the seminar again

A webinar at yesterday’s Sustainability Now show offered detailed analysis of the costs challenges of hitting the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Three experts offered up-to-date research on budgeting to hit different levels of the code. You can download the presentations from Adam Mactavish of Cyril Sweett, Colin Mitchell from contractor Osborne and Sheppard Robson head of sustainability Alan Shingler. Mactavish said his firm’s research revealed that the industry needed to change its approach to hosuebuilding to hit the code above level three while Mitchell offered an example that hitting code level 5 was achievable now. Shingler showed the move from designing one unit at level 6 to the challenge of meeting the code on higher volume units. You can download the presentations here or listen again to the webinar by visiting the Sustainability Now show, which is open today. The webinar is available at the auditorium area.