Haulage company sues over demolition work in King's Langley

Costain is being sued by demolition company Kane Haulage in a row over work done on site at King's Langley.

Kane Haulage removed all structures and buildings on the site, apart from the façade, and all ground slabs and obstructions before Costain could carry out work on the project to build new houses for Fairview at the Ovaltine Building in King's Langley, according to a write issued at London's High Court.

Kane argues that the contract, originally for £88,000, was varied, and that it carried out extra work for Costain, including installing safety lighting, cutting out pipework and brickwork, specialist de-gassing of an airconditioning plant, and removing a staircase by hand.

Kane says Costain has paid £141,692 towards the work that ran from January and October 2005, leaving an outstanding balance of £163,649 from a total of £305,341.

Kane claims it carried out the work for Costain’s benefit and Costain should have known it expected additional payment for the work. Kane says that Costain has breached the contract by failing to pay the sum in full.

Costain paid another £105,239.13 in October 2006, but Kane says that £58,410.78 is still owed, and is suing for this sum, or a quantum meruit for the works, and interest.

The writ was issued by Lane and Partners ref Colin Hall.