Construction Products Association slams draft version of code published as part of the chancellor's pre-Budget report.

The Construction Products Association has slammed the draft version of the Sustainable Building Code published as part of the chancellor's Pre-Budget Report.

The trade body is concerned that the code does not go far enough.

Commenting on the draft document, the association's industry affairs director, John Tebbit, said: “Given the significant concerns and the number of questions posed in the consultation document we believe it is now totally unrealistic to bring the Code into effect from next April, especially given that the consultation period does not close until early March.

"We support the move to make the housing stock of this country more sustainable. Product manufacturers and suppliers have a key part to play in this through the products they manufacture and the increasing focus on sustainability on a whole-life basis.

But Tebbit said he saw the code as providing a link to existing regulatory requirement, preparing the way for their future development. “This link does not now exist and this will confuse rather than simplify the messages on sustainability,” he said.

“The materials aspects of the code rely very heavily on the BR2 Green Guide and there are a number concerns about the processes underlying the guide from different parts of our industry. These will need to be urgently resolved.

“Timber has been given a special status in the code that cannot be justified.

“Buy in from private housebuilders is key to its success, but to rely on the planning system to achieve this will lead to delays and fewer homes being built - not what the chancellor has said he wants to see.”