Mock-up will help engineers with design and specification of platforms

Crossrail station platform mock-up

Crossrail station platform mock-up

Crossrail provided a glimpse into the future of London commuting when they revealed a mock-up of a station platform, complete with live passengers.

The platform has been built at a construction test centre in Leighton Buzzard and help inform designs on the design and specification of the platform materials.

The mock-up has already led to the design team placing train information above the sliding entrance/exit doors.

Other features being tested include lighting levels, signage, CCTV coverage, and acoustics.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “Those tests mean that when work begins on the real McCoy later this year we can be confident we will be building the best possible Crossrail stations.”

Crossrail said that a trial of platform surfaces will be undertaken at Victoria Tube station later this year.