Consultant forced to shut Chinese workplace in January because of coronavirus

Currie & Brown has been told by the Chinese government that it can reopen its office in Wuhan at the start of next week.

The office, located in the central Chinese city where the virus originated, has been closed for more than six weeks after the coronavirus outbreak spread across the city.


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The number of coronavirus cases in China has now topped 80,000

The consultant has nine offices across the country with around 450 employees and all but two of the offices have now reopened.

A spokesperson for Currie & Brown said: “We are hoping that the office in Chongqing will open this week and the Chinese government has indicated that offices in Wuhan can reopen on 11 March.”

The firm said it had set up a coronavirus committee, chaired by chief executive Euan McEwan, which had been meeting twice a week via Skype since the middle of January.

As of last night, more than 80,000 coronavirus cases had hit China with close to 3,000 deaths.

Currie & Brown has been working in the country for over 30 years.