Sheffield reader in the lead

A Sheffield reader has taken up our display energy certificate (DEC)-seeking challenge in his local city. On the day that showing the certificates was to be compulsory, we went scouting around our local London south bank to see if we could track any down. We drew a blank. Perhaps that was because the government postponed the legal deadline for showing DECs in a all public buildings over 1,000 sq m visited by the public until January.

Matt from Sheffield also took a tour of his environs looking for the certificates and has posted them on the Building sustainability Forum (you need to be registered to access this site. He got on better than we did, finding DECs in the Central library (B) and the 2001 Sheffield Millenium Gallery (G).

However Matt, who has been popping into public buildings going to and from buildings, has discovered that from his research about 60% of buildings lack the required certificates, and asking about them garners him the familiar blank looks.

We are keen to encourage similar behaviour and would like to offer the Sustainability Channel reader who visits the most public buildings seeking DECSs by bonfire night a £20 AMAZON VOUCHER. Clearly Matt is in the lead at this point and the gauntlet has been thrown down.

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