Ecobuild offers chance for hands-on experience with Make Architects founder’s Bamboo Village

Make Architects founder Ken Shuttleworth will be taking to the UBM stand at Ecobuild to unveil the design for a new community centre in China.

Delegates will then be invited to help build a model of the design - out of Lego.s

The model for the Bamboo Village, a community centre for the China Children and Teenager’s Fund (CCTF) charity, will be constructed out of Lego pieces by delegates over the course of Ecobuild.

Shuttleworth will be launching the design on the UBM stand on Tuesday 20 March at 2.30pm and will close the project at 3pm on Thursday 22 March.

The finished model will then be transported to Ecobuild China before being dismantled and sent to the children supported by the charity for them to build their own versions of Bamboo Village.

Shuttleworth said: “Agreeing to participate in this exciting project was natural for us as we are always keen to be involved in community and charity initiatives in the regions in which we work.

“Hence we are pleased to be working with UBM to support the China Children & Teenager Fund (CCTF).”

Justin Lau partner at Make said: “The money raised will enable the CCTF to build an environmentally sustainable community centre using their local bamboo resources in the construction of the centre.”