Peter Bishop, from Camden council, will take up his 'exciting' role in December

Camden council’s director of culture and environment has been picked as the first ‘Design for London’ director.

Peter Bishop is expected to take up his role in December and will lead Design for London, a body set up to promote and help to deliver sustainable and inclusive design in London.

Peter Bishop said: "This is a really exciting role. It is a real opportunity to implement the mayor's vision for London and help shape the city over the next few years. Design for London will work across the Greater London Authority group to help make London a better place to live. It is not just about grand designs. It is about making the city a better place for Londoners to live, work and move around in. It is about mending the parts of the city that don't work, and making the places that do work even better."

Design for London will bring together existing teams from the Greater London Authority, the London Development Agency and Transport for London. It will be advised by a new Design for London advisory group, chaired by Richard Rogers, the mayor's chief adviser on architecture and urbanism.