Speculation mounts that GLA will absorb DfL into their structure

Design for London (DfL) looks set to continue operating despite indications last year it was to be abolished as part of an overall winding down of the London Development Authority (LDA).

Seven members of DfL, including head Mark Brearley, currently remain in their positions, down from a 20-strong team last year.

There are strong indications the current slimmed-down outfit forms part of a selection of 45 specialist LDA workers to be rescued from redundancy by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

Capital spending projects such as the Royal Docks development, which DfL was working on, may now continue.

Richard Brookes, spokesperson for the economic development wing of the GLA, refused to confirm speculation about DfL’s survival – and said a final decision would be made when they received their final funding settlement.

“The GLA is confident that we will receive a healthy final funding settlement – but any decision regarding DfL can only be made thereafter. It is purely speculative at the moment to suggest it will survive.”