The government is seeking ‘exceptional’ team to design and engineer UK pavilion at 2015 Milan Expo

The new pavilion should build on success of earlier ones like Shanghai 2010

The new pavilion should build on success of earlier ones like Shanghai 2010

The government is seeking an ‘exceptional’ team to design the country’s pavilion at next year’s Milan Expo.

Under a competition organised by Malcolm Reading Consultants, multi-disciplinary teams have just under a month to submit expressions of interest for the project.

Organisers are asking for an “original, visually compelling and memorable” building or buildings to compete with those of more than 140 other countries and addressing the overall theme of the Expo on delivering a sustainable and high-quality food supply for the world.

A spokesperson for Malcom Reading Consultants said: “The new Pavilion should build on the perception of the UK established by its pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010 and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

“The challenge is to invent a structure that represents a British take on the Expo theme. The Expo organisers have asked for pavilions which are designed in relation to their content and add to their significance.

“We will be looking for multi-disciplinary creative teams with expertise in contemporary design, events and exhibitions management, engineering, sustainability, digital skills, interpretation and education.

“We are keen to invite commercial partners and sponsors to bid within consortia. The teams should be structured under a lead consultant identified within the submission.”

The Expo organisers have also requested “light horizontal constructions that play on the contrast between alternating full and empty spaces” which allow glimpses of other landscapes and pavilions.

Expressions of interest have to be submitted by 2pm on 19 February. For more information, visit