Energy minister backs 22 turbine-project in North Devon

Energy minister Malcolm Wicks will today give the green light to the largest wind farm in Devon.

The minister is to give Devon Wind Power the go-ahead for its 22 turbine Fullabrook Down project in his address to the wind industry’s annual conference in Glasgow.

The government said the 66MW scheme would eventually generate enough clean electricity for 30,000 domestic consumers, around a third of total energy electricity consumption in North Devon.

Wicks said: “Our renewable future is burning bright in Britain. Innovative projects like the new wave and tidal testing facility off the Orkney Islands, the recently consented Wave Hub in Cornwall and a Severn Barrage, if developed, will ensure the UK remains a centre of renewable excellence.

“It is this vision that will triple our renewable electricity generation by 2015 and help meet our twin goals of energy security and tackling climate change.”

The minister will also set out proposals to make the Climate Change Policy Planning Statement more favourable towards renewable applications and to streamline grid connections.

The announcement comes a week after the government revealed that homes using renewable energy provided through the national grid would not qualify as zero-carbon.