Fear not: subscribers can still read Building by signing up for the digital edition that is emailed out on Fridays

Over the past couple of months there have been a series of ad hoc postal strikes across the country.

Post box during postal strike

Credit: Adrian Short

Building subscribers are therefore likely to receive their copies of the magazine late.

So that you don’t miss out, we will send a digital edition on Fridays to all subscribers who have previously given us their email addreses.

Subscribers who would like to receive copies, but haven’t already given us their email address should go to the subscription page to amend their details.

Alternatively you could call our subscriptions team on 08442 490 280. To sign up, you will need your subscription number, which was sent to you at the start of your subscription and is also on the polywrap of all your magazines next to your address.

The digital edition will be then emailed to you every Friday at 9am. Your print copy will be continue to be sent out as normal.