Four years' jail for 'intrinsically dishonest' director who ran five electrical contracting firms

A company director has been jailed for nearly five years for forging documents and operating electrical contracting firms after declaring himself bankrupt.

Roy Harold Goss, 67, was found guilty of 18 charges at Croydon crown court and jailed for four years and nine months.

Goss was declared bankrupt in 2000, which under UK law prevented him from directorship of a company or promoting, forming or managing a company.

He breached this restriction with five electrical contractors and three firms involved with water purification and air conditioning, between 2000 and 2006.

Unpaid debts of £3m were incurred after six of the companies went into liquidation.

Goss tried to prevent the legal proceedings being taken against him by pretending that his estranged wife, Fay Goss, was a director and running several of the companies, while his cousin Royston Goss ran two others. False documents that claimed to be signed by Fay Goss were also submitted.

Judge Kenneth MacRae described Goss as “intrinsically dishonest”, and said he was a “menace to the commercial and business community”.