Poor ground conditions lead to claim for recovery of costs and losses

Tunnelling and drilling contractor AE Yates Trenchless Solutions has launched a legal battle in a dispute over a water main in Dawlish, Devon.

Main contractor Gleeson Construction Services carried out work at Burrows Water Treatment Works to install 600m of water main. AE Yates carried out directional drilling as subcontractor for Gleeson, but a dispute arose over recovery of costs and losses owing to adverse ground conditions. Black & Veatch has taken over Gleeson’s position and is sued in its place.

AE Yates says a binding subcontract came into being in November 2005, and seeks a declaration to that effect. Under that subcontract, entry and exit pits, and excavations to recover equipment or remove obstructions were the responsibility of Gleeson.

Now AE Yates is seeking court declarations about the subcontract and other subcontracts.