East of England workers highest paid on average

Over Easter holidays subcontractor pay fell in April compared with the previous month, but rates remain higher year-on-year, according to Hudson Contract. 

The payroll firm’s latest survey of self-employed tradespeople showed weekly pay packets averaged £941, down 4.4% month-on-month but a 5.4% jump on April 2022. 


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Workers lay steelwork in Cardiff. Wales saw the biggest year-on-year wage rise of any region in April

Hudson Contract’s managing director Ian Anfield said the figures demonstrated why so many in the sector chose self-employment. 

“Our figures show rates for the self-employed are holding ground,” he said.  

“In public sector and unionised employment, employees are fighting and striking for pay rises and eventually being offered 5% settlements.  

“Freelancers in construction have already had the benefit of year-on-year increases and 5.4% in the last year alone.  

“If further evidence was needed, this is why self-employment suits the workforce and is chosen by so many. 

“They follow the work and use their individual bargaining power to attract higher earnings.” 

Regionally, the South-west experienced the biggest pay drop in April (-8.1%) and was the only part of England that saw pay drop year-on-year (-5.1%) 

The North-east (0.8%) and Wales (2.7%) both saw pay increases during April, despite the Easter holidays, with the latter also recording a 20% increase on the previous year. 

East of England workers were the highest paid on average, taking in £1,020 per week in April.