Welsh Brithdir Mawr community wins planning permission for roundhouse and new buildings on sustainable site

A Welsh eco-community has won a 10-year long planning battle to keep its illegally-built residence in north Pembrokeshire.

Brithdir Mawr community roundhouse

The Brithdir Mawr community has been told they can stay. The National Park Authority has also approved the planning permission for the roundhouse and a number of new buildings under its new sustainability policy.

The eco-roundhouse is built using straw bales, locally-sourced timber and recycled glass. Walls are plastered using clay and manure.

The buildings are fully sustainable with power generated on site and water collected locally.

Residents make a living from working the land and through craft industries such as wood carving.

The part retrospective, part proposed application allows for eight roundhouses along with toilets, agricultural buildings and workshops.

Permission has been granted for six permanent residents, five visitors, 10 campers and day visitors.

The settlement was discovered by chance in 1997, when it was spotted from a helicopter.

The National Park Authority will review its decision in three years.