University renovation on track to receive BREEAM Outstanding rating

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

The Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation is set to become the most sustainable listed building in the world, architect Malcolm Fraser has claimed.

The project to renovate the grade B listed Old High School at Edinburgh University is on site and on track to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating, the highest of any renovation project.

Fraser, director at Malcolm Fraser Architects, said: “Many buildings that have won the [BREEAM] ‘Outstanding’ designation are styled to look like green spaceships, adrift in some distant business park-galaxy. 

“This radical green building looks exactly like a historic one - given the urgency of the fight against climate change we need to understand that the joyful and creative adaptation of our existing building stock is the outstanding issue facing us.”

The building, being built by contractor Graham, uses passive design principles where possible by considering the effects of solar gain, shading and the area’s microclimate on the temperature and ventilation of the building.

It will also take 57% of its energy from renewable sources and uses natural timber products in its insulation, increasing the level of air permeability and controlling humidity.

The building has seminar and lecture facilities, meeting rooms, offices and social spaces.

The project is currently on site and due for completion in summer 2013.