A strong private investment base has meant Egypt is largely unaffected by the credit crunch

What has been the impact of the credit crunch on construction work?

According to those who work there, the market turmoil has had little impact on work in the country so far, as many forthcoming projects are funded by private Arab investors.

What markets are set for a boom?

Anything related to tourism – hotels, leisure, and infrastructure.

What kind of welcome can UK firms expect?

There is a lot of foreign investment in Egypt, which should make it easier for UK firms to become involved.

Any tricky laws to watch out for?

It is a rule in Egypt that you have to build within three years of acquiring land.

What are the locals saying?

“Buying land in Egypt is a lot cheaper than other markets. It's also the fifth-lowest risk of the emerging markets to invest in, according to Merril Lynch,” according to Deanna Abuseda, marketing executive at Al Arabia.

Building's emerging market rating: 6/10