Firetherm has launched Eco-Range, a series of environmentally friendly fire-stopping products that are claimed to contain fewer pollutants than traditional mineral fibre-based fire barrier products and sealants

The range uses a new formaldehyde-free binder technology based on renewable materials instead of petro-based chemicals and forms the core of the new Intubatt Eco fire stopping products.

The embodied energy is reduced without compromising fire-stopping performance and can contribute to a building’s overall sustainability and help to achieve environmental credits under BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The elimination of phenols, formaldehyde and other petro-chemicals in the binding process of the Intubatt Eco core reduces the emission of pollutants during manufacture.

This with the use of new halogen-free non-hazardous coatings and sealants, makes the installation safer and less likely to cause irritation than conventional products.