Barratt, Bellway and George Wimpey to build 700 new homes through First Time Buyers’ Initiative

English Partnerships’ National Regeneration Agency, has chosen 18 new developments across the UK to be awarded funding through the First Time Buyers’ Initiative.

The developments will see 700 new homes being delivered by housebuilders Barratt, Bellway and George Wimpey. These will be the first on the way to a massive contribution of 15,000 homes by 2010.

Duncan Innes, the EP director responsible for the First Time Buyers Initiative said: “These new affordable homes will provide a real opportunity for first time buyers in many communities across England where they are needed most. We want to help as many people as possible to take their first steps towards full home ownership, and we want to be able to do that quickly.”

Housing minister Yvette Cooper, said: "With rising house prices, many first time buyers are struggling to get a first foot onto the ladder. Just because families can't afford the full house price doesn't mean they shouldn't have the chance to get started and buy a share in the first home of their own."