Eurobond’s Europanel and Rockspan systems are among the first to gain Confidex Sustain™ backing, as Corus Colorcoat® assessed cladding systems. Now part of the world’s first cradle to grave CarbonNeutral building envelope programme, any project using Europanel or Rockspan can benefit from the Confidex Sustain™ pledge to offset the CO2 impact from the entire cladding system – from manufacture through to end of useful life.

A Corus lead initiative, Confidex Sustain™ is available when Corus Colorcoat HPS200® and/or Colorcoat Prisma® are specified as part of a Europanel or Rockspan project. Specifiers can register the system at the start of a building project and for every 1kg of CO2 generated during manufacture by the pre-finished steel, cladding, fixings and insulation, Corus will offset 1kg in climate friendly projects overseas.

Eurobond has worked with Corus to calculate the Life Cycle Global Warming Potential associated with the manufacture and end of life for 1000m2 of both Europanel and Rockspan. The methodology was based on calculating carbon emissions from manufacture, transport, site construction, maintenance (based on a 60 year life) and end of life solutions.

The initiative is backed by a robust, reliable and fully traceable process for investing in climate friendly projects, underpinned by the CarbonNeutral protocol. Applications should be made at the start of the building project using a Confidex Sustain™ pre-registration form, available from Alternatively, contact Eurobond for further details.

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