Trains will run from London's St Pancras from November 2007, cutting journey times to Europe by 25 minutes

Train operator Eurostar said today that it will run services into London's St Pancras in a year's time.

The 68-mile final section of the Folkestone to London Channel Tunnel Rail Link will open on 14 November 2007, cutting journey times to Paris and Brussels by up to 25 minutes.

The £5.8bn link to Folkestone will cut the London to Paris journey from 2 hours 35 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes.

Richard Brown, Eurostar chief executive, said: "This move will be the most significant event in Eurostar's history since we started running passenger services 12 years ago today.

"It will mark the start of a new era in travel between the UK and mainland Europe, making high-speed rail an even faster, more reliable and less environmentally damaging alternative to flying."

Eurostar trains will continue running into Waterloo until 13 November 2007.