Additional funding will help 62 councils rebuild neighbourhoods hit by last year's floods

Communities hit by last summer's floods are to get an extra £31m in funding, the government announced today.

John Healey
Healey: "every effort made to get everyone back home"

Floods recovery minister John Healey said that the money would help councils rebuild neighbourhoods devastated by last year's inundation and would come “with no strings attached”.

The cash will be shared by 62 local authorities across the UK and tops up the £100m so far provided by the government. It includes £17m pledged by the Department for Transport to repair roads and bridges damaged by the floods.

Areas set to benefit include Rotherham, which will get £1.4m, North Lincolnshire, which will get £800,000 and Croydon, which will get £80,000.

Announcing the funding, Healey said: “The floods hit large parts of the country, causing devastation and misery for thousands of people. Over the year, my priority has been to ensure these areas got co-ordinated and continuing support from government.

“While a huge amount has been achieved over the last year, I know more remains to be done. That is why I will work with councils and insurers to see every effort made to get everyone back home and communities back to normal.”